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Charles John Andrea-Radio Voice of Hope
Thursday, December 13, 2018 - 12:03
Women of Wau are openly criticizing practices that restrict them from taking public positions.
They say even though they have educated women, they are being blocked from positions of authority: a situation they describe as a slap towards empowerment.
A female Member of Parliament of the area Mary Emilio Bafuka told Voice of Hope Radio, women are always marginalized when it comes to decision making.
‘‘Women are not given top positions either in the government institutions or private sectors, because of the concept that women are weak and not capable of taking higher responsibilities’’.
Bafuka urges all women to be ready and determined to struggle for their rights and take their rightful place in society.
Wau’s Deputy Mayor for administration and finance Elizabeth Mario said women have the ability to step into positions of authority because they have the skills to lead. And she is a living example.
Still, she says she has faced several challenges in her role because some men thought she could not handle her job because she is a woman.
Mario says that women should be given respect especially if they are qualified and chosen to be in positions of trust.
However, several other prominent women I spoke to expressed fear that most of their colleagues are marginalized in government institutions.
The Director General for Wau state’s ministry of gender, child and social welfare, Ann Daniel Ali, says her ministry is working hard to improve the skills of women in various fields.
She urges women to cooperate with the directors of ministries to help them know their roles and job description in both government and private institutions in order to deliver their best.
The United Nation’s Millennium Development Goal number 3 is “Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women. It highlights bridging the global gender gap, by empowering women and promoting gender equality.
Article two of the transitional constitution of South Sudan also gives women the right to participate fully in all sectors of government, including the legislative assembly, executive and the judiciary.
It further adds that, women should be given their right and dignity just as men without discrimination in all sectors of society.
But for the women of Wau, they say these articles need to be followed up on with action.
This is Charles John Andrea reporting for CRN news from Wau.
This story was produced with support from Journalists for Human Rights JHR strengthening media in South Sudan.

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