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Kade Doris Samson-CRN
Friday, December 14, 2018 - 15:00
The organize forces, including police; have expressed readiness to offer additional security support during the Christmas and New Year celebrations.
Deputy Police Spokesperson, Col James Dak Karlo told CRN that the organize forces are on standby to ensure that the festive season is celebrated peacefully.
He spoke shortly after completing a day’s meeting with all the security sectors and police.
The purpose of the meeting was to make sure that people celebrate the festive season 24 hours without any problem.
The purpose of the meeting is to see that the Christmas Celebration and New Year 2019 is celebrated peacefully without any problem. Being it the issue of unknown gunmen, tax, theft, and parties which are not warranted by police are not allowed. People will have to attend all the prayers; everybody should attend to his or her own church without any problem including the New Year without any problem”, Col Dak said.
He warns that unnecessary shootings and selling of fireworks during the celebrations are not allowed.
No fire display. There are some fireworks which are shot in the air and makes noise and light. It does not shoot a person. Whoever is found selling or shooting this material, will be apprehended because it frightens others. When someone shoots it, others may think it is a bullet and it may cause random shooting. No cars will be allowed to move without number plates. And no car should be tinted unless it came like that from the factory” Col Dak stressed.
Col Dak says the security situation has improved in the country since the peace agreement was signed.
He wishes everybody a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year 2019.
A Juba residence who identifies himself only as Joseph also comments that there are signs of security improvement.
“In terms of security, it’s in place; there are clear signs of improvement compared to the previous years”.
He hopes the situation continues and people will work towards peace.

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