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Don Bosco Radio
Saturday, January 19, 2019 - 11:59
Always seek the love and help of God as the most important things in the world, a priest of Sacred Heart Parish Tonj of the Catholic Diocese of Rumbek tells Christians.
Father Leo Arokianathan urges believers to reflect about their lives, understand situations and come back to God to regain the strength and walk forward, Don Bosco Radio reports.
Leo challenges Christians who ignore attending daily mass celebrations especially when they are late.
He says God never segregates people in his kingdom because He understands all the challenges facing mankind is always ready to answer them.
The priest urges all the faithful to have strong faith and understandable the knowledge of the word of God.
When mankind accepts their mistakes then God will grant them what they need in their lives, he stresses.
Father Leo discloses that the love of God is only found by being a Christian in the Catholic Church.
He added that coming back to God is the only condition a follower would face.
The priest reminds Christians about the greatness of God’s love.
Father Leo was speaking to the congregation during his daily mass on Friday in Tonj.

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