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Wednesday, February 20, 2019 - 09:13
The government of Germany committed a grant of 35 million US Dollars equivalent to 31.5 million Euros to East African Community or EAC to further support health, regional economic integration and education.
EAC Secretary General Libérat Mfumukeko, and the German Ambassador to the EAC, Dr. Detlef Wächter, jointly signed the agreements in Arusha on Tuesday.
14.5 million dollars will be for the continuation of the joint financial cooperation programme under the “Regional Network of Reference Laboratories for Communicable Diseases”.
3 million Euros is allocated for the technical cooperation programme “pandemic preparedness in the EAC region.
9.5 million Euro is to “support to the EAC supports the EAC in increasing intra-regional trade through value addition in productive sectors, better market access, improved customs processes and harmonized standards. 
One million Euro is for the ongoing “Strengthening of a Regional Quality Infrastructure” that focuses on reliable quality control mechanisms and services for products.
Five million Euros are dedicated for the continuation of the “EAC scholarship program” which supports East African Master students.
The German Ambassador says "Germany remains a strong supporter of the EAC and the organizations’ efforts to enhance regional integration in its different facets.
EAC Secretary General says EAC cooperation with Germany will grow stronger based on the already existing robust foundation of our common goals.’’

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